Lesson 1 and 2 – The life of Abraham

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Objective: Explain the key points in the life of Abraham and why he is important to the Jewish people


1. Read through information sheet

2. Make a power point on the life of Abraham – Include

  • Information on his background – where he was from
  • His covernent / promise with God – What meaning this had / has for Jewish people today
  • The story of Isaac – a test of faith
  • Make sure you refer to the feelings and emotions of Abraham
  • Higher Level – Include ...
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Lesson 1 – Moses and Slavery

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Objective: A look at The Birth of Moses


1. Read through the sheets explaining the birth of Moses and the time he was born into

Leaders- Moses 6 Leaders- Moses 7 Leaders- Moses 8 Leaders- Moses 9

2. Answer questions 1 – 6 – Make sure you copy out the sentences

3. Write a diary entry of a slave :

what do you think a typical day would be like?

Include – timings / food – water /

jobs / feelings / ...

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Lesson 2 – The Burning Bush

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Objective: To learn the story of the burning bush

2. Read through the sheet The Story of the Burning Bush

3. Answer the questions on the sheet

4. Make a cartoon stip of the story on these following points

  • Moses kills the taskmaster
  • Moses runs away
  • Moses settles in Midian and becomes a shepherd
  • Moses loses a sheep on mount Sinai
  • He takes of his shoes
  • God speaks through the burning bush
  • Moses is told to go and free the Hebrew slaves

H/W Write about an incident where ...

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Lesson 3 – The Plagues

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Objective: To learn what the plagues of Egypt were and how they affected the people

1.Read through information on the 10 plagues

2. Make a list of the plagues

4. Explain the last plague in detail

5. Produce a newspaper article on the 10 plagues

6. Research Modern Plagues





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Lesson 5- The 10 Commandments

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Objective: Explain what  the 10 commandments are and why some of them are still important today

1. Match up the sentences to make the 10 Commandments

2. Include a picture for each Commandment

3. Explain whether you think each commandment is important or not in today’s world


A) Thou shall have no God’s before me

My Opinion) This is still important to some people because they believe in One God. However many people do not believe in a God today so they do ...

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