Lesson 1 – Holocaust Introduction

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Objective: Learn key terms and an introductory understanding of the holocaust


1.Define the key terms prejudice and Discrimination – what

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Lesson 3 – 5 Holocaust Creative Writing

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Objective – Produce some creative and descriptive writing on the holocaust


1. Write an interview with a holocaust surviour discussing some of the events that they experienced through WWII

2. Produce a diary account of the events of the holocaust – similar to Anne Frank but including the experiences suffered at a concentration camp

Please ensure you consider:

The events that happened – rights taken away, ghettos, train ...

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Lesson 6 – Nelson Mandela

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Objective: Learn about the struggles facing South Africa 

Read through the document Why is Nelson Mandela famous

Answer the following questions

  1. Who was Nelson Mandela?
  2. Why is he famous?
  3. Where and when was he born?
  4. Where did the name Nelson come from?
  5. Explain his education and hobbies
  6. What was the government like in South Africa? What would this have been like for the black people?
  7. What does the ANC stand for?
  8. Explain the system of Apartheid
  9. Who inspired Mandela? Why?
  10. What happened at Sharpeville?
  11. Research information and pictures on ...
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