Lesson 1 – Suffering Examples

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Objective: To research and comment on suffering examples from across the world

1. Discuss briefly examples of suffering that you have heard of

2. What is the difference between human and natural suffering?

3. Complete the table below

Example of Suffering Human / Natural My opinion / What could be done to prevent the suffering?

Complete using websites / own knowledge

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Lesson 2 – 9/11

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Objective: What are examples of human suffering and natural suffering?

POWER POINT IF PREFERED – suffering year 8

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Start this sheet What can you see or write in book

Students to write a list of examples of suffering – use quiz sheet – students guess the event suffering guess

Put the examples under two columns – human and natural suffering. Discuss the examples

Watch video clip on ...

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Lesson 4 – Summary of Class Presentations

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After watching class presentations – please submit a summary of

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Lesson 5 – Christianity and Suffering

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Objective: What is meant by free will? What is the Christian view on suffering?

POWERPOINT: Christianity and Suffering

1. Re cap on las lesson and the human element of suffering

2. Read through sheet on free will suffering free will

3. Read through the story of Adam and Eve – human disobedience

VIDEO CLIP http://www.explore-tv.co.uk/page.php?path=all Why does God allow suffering?

4. Define and Explain whether you agree with these ideas of Christianity :

  • The story of Adam and Eve
  • The ...
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Lesson 6 – Buddhism and Suffering

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Objective: What is the Buddhist view on suffering?

Read through pages 12 -13

Buddhist experience book

Buddhism and Suffering Powerpoint

Explain what Buddhism says about suffering

  • The Three Universal Truths
  • The four noble truths


Read through page 45 the story of the mustard seed

The Mustard Seed

Explain how the story fits in with the Buddhist ideas on suffering – change and craving

Do you agree with the Buddhist views on suffering? Explain why / why not

(6 – 10 lines)



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Lesson 7 – Jewish Ideas on Suffering

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Objective: What are the Jewish beliefs about suffering?

Read through the Story of Job


Discuss some of the meaning in the story:

  • Test of Faith – Easy to believe when things are going your way
  • Role of Satan –
  • God only allows the suffering that people can bear
  • That “just” / “innocent” men suffer
  • No matter how bad things seem in the end God will come to the rescue
  • That we do not know God’s plans and purposes

Produce a modern day example of ...

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