Lesson 1 – Introduction to Jesus

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Objective: To learn new information on the evidence linked to the life of Jesus

– Make a spider diagram on what you know about Jesus OR a rap about what you know (MUST be respectful to Christians today)

Watch the two video clips below


Write a summary of the information that you have learnt – At least two paragraphs

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Lesson 2 – Jesus the Events

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Objective: Was Jesus God on Earth? Lesson 2 – Key Events

Introduction – in pairs make a rap / poem about Jesus

Power Point with information below on Jesus-powerpoint key events

Jesus was born

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Lesson 3 and 4 – Teachings of Jesus

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Objective – Discover the main teachings of Jesus, are they relevant to today’s society?

1. Using two main teachings of Jesus, explain his teaching on forgiveness, love and justice

Examples to use:

a) Parable of the Lost Son – Forgiveness

b) Parable of the Good Samaritan – Love

Explain these teachings

2. Include why you think they are important ideals to live by

3. Use examples to show how they are still relevant




Story of Anthony ...

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