Lesson 4: Buddhism and Happiness

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Objective: How does Buddhism help people find happiness?

1. Revisit the main ideas of last lesson Buddhism

2. Discuss things that people crave in modern day life and how it can bring disfactisfaction

3. Examine the Buddhist Wheel of Life http://bit.ly/2aL4mbo

Focus on the Realm of the Hungry Ghosts –
creatures who are never satisfied.

Complete the modern
‘hungry ghosts’ worksheet where people crave not just drugs but also social media, consumerism and body

Worksheet hungry Ghost


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Lesson 3 – Happiness Three Universal Truths

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Objective: Understand what is meant by the three universal truths 

1. Read through Buddhist Experience pages 12 – 13 below

The Three Universal Truths PDF

2. Explain in your own words each of the three universal truths – Use pictures for each truth

3. Write a few sentences on your opinion whether you agree with each truth

4. Read through and copy out the 4 noble truths

5. Do you agree that people who “crave” items and life wants become unhappy when they can not have them?

6. ...

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Lesson 2 – Christian Happiness

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Objective: Gain a knowledge of the Christian beliefs related to how people can be happy

1. Read through the Christian Beatitudes sheet found here

Christian Beatitudes

2. Answer the activities on the sheet (also below):

a) Fill in the boxes explaining how each statement could lead to happiness – how do they make a person stronger or “better”

b) Research famous Christians who have shown some of these qualities

Mother Teresa – Poverty

Martin Luther King – Righteousness

Turning the tide – Peacemakers

Irene Sendler – Persecution


3. Read ...

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Lesson 1 – Happiness

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Objective: Understand what is meant by the term happiness and consider what influences people’s happiness

1. Write a definition for the term happiness

2 acheter du viagra france. Discuss “things” that contribute to a person’s happiness 

3. Explain in detail how they affect happiness:

Health: This can affect a person’s happiness because if you are unwell you can not do things you enjoy. You could also be worried about someone you know who has become ill. 

3. ...

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Who was Mother Teresa?

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Mother Teresa, the Roman Catholic nun who worked with the poor in the Indian city of Kolkata (Calcutta), is being declared a saint.

The order she founded, the Missionaries of Charity, has grown to include 4,500 nuns and 400 brothers in 87 countries, tending to the poor and dying in the slums of 160 cities.

She decided as early as 12 that she wanted to become a missionary in India.


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Lesson 8 – Assessment

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Who am I lesson 8 – Assessment

1. Read through the example work on

Who Am I?




Year 7 “Who am I?” Assessment

Write an honest article on “who you are” including the topics that we have looked at. Include both your weaknesses and your ...

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Police officer who called three black monkeys

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Two police

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Child, 4, suffering from cerebral palsy is given £500 by a stranger after stricken chain Comet refuses to take his gift card for an iPad

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A four-year-old cerebral palsy sufferer left  heartbroken when Comet refused his £500 gift  card is celebrating – after a  complete stranger stepped in and donated him the cash. Samuel Horton was given the generous gift  card by the  Family Fund charity in order to buy an iPad to help him complete  school  homework.

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2228239/Child-4-suffering-cerebral-palsy-given-500-stranger-stricken-chain-Comet-refuses-gift-card-iPad.html#ixzz2BRL49wHN

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