Lesson 1 – Introduction to Life After Death

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1. Create a list of words associated with the Christian belief about life after death

2. Enter these into a Tag Cloud generator – for example



Copy the picture for example

word cloud

3. For each word write a sentence or a definition about how it is related to the Christian belief about life after death – try to include a ...

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Lesson 2 and 3 – Life After Death

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Objective: To gain a knowledge of the Christian belief about life after death

1. Read through the quotes found in the Bible relating to life after death. Explain what is meant by the quotes – focus on the underlined sections. You can write your notes under each quote

2. Write a Summary of the Christian beliefs about life after death include:

– Jesus’ resurrection

– Judgement (give examples)

– Difference between physical body and the soul

– Heaven

– Purgatory (specifically Catholic Christian belief)

– Hell

– ...

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Lesson 4 – Life After Death GCSE Questions

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Objective: Apply your knowledge of Christian beliefs in life after death to GCSE questions

Question 1 – “Jesus’ resurrection is proof there is life after death”

Extra Help

  • Explain why the Bible is evidence for Christians
  • Include the importance of Jesus’ resurrection for Christians and how there is evidence for life after death
  • Explain how belief in Christianity rose tremendously following the years after Jesus’ resurrection
  • Visions of Jesus
  • Near Death Experiences


Arguments why it is NOT enough proof

  •  Scientific Evidence ...
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