Why is RE important?


– It helps students recognise that there is culture and diversity outside their local community

–  It celebrates that this world is unique

–  RE will develop an understanding that we should be tolerant of other people’s beliefs.

– It allows students to investigate world and social issues such as prejudice and discrimination,  capital punishment and euthanasia

It strongly supports literacy and helps develop argumentative writing and to justify opinions.

– It helps develop discussion skills and confidence in debates on topical issues

– RE improves evaluation skills needed for other areas of the curriculum, while supporting cross curricular themes such as – the environment

– It provides a spiritual connection – difficult topics such as life after death and suffering are fundamental in a student’s education

 – It can help form political ideas on areas such as Brexit / Immigration and the UK Abortion law

– It builds an awareness of the value of each person and ideas of how we should respect others

– It discusses moral guidance and people who live outside the law

– It allows students to realise that people can have different beliefs and that we should celebrate that people are unique

– RE allows students to look at the lives of people who have changed the world: Martin Luther King, Mother Teresa, Mahatma Gandhi